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Air Suspension Compressors

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Air suspension compressors play a crucial role in the functioning of air suspension systems in vehicles. They are responsible for pumping air into the airbags or struts, which support the weight of the vehicle and provide a comfortable ride. In this article, we will study the workings of air suspension compressors, their types, and their maintenance.

Working of Air Suspension Compressors

Air suspension compressors are typically powered by the vehicle's engine or an electric motor. They draw in ambient air, compress it, and send it to the airbags or struts in the suspension system. The compressor's motor is controlled by a pressure switch, which turns it on and off as needed to maintain the desired air pressure in the suspension.

Types of Air Suspension Compressors

There are two main types of air suspension compressors: engine-driven and electric. Engine-driven compressors are typically found in heavy-duty trucks and are powered by the vehicle's engine. Electric compressors are more common in cars, SUVs, and light trucks and are powered by the vehicle's electrical system.

Maintenance of Air Suspension Compressors

Air suspension compressors require regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly and last for a long time. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

a.Check the air filter: The air filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the compressor. It should be checked and replaced regularly.

b. Check for leaks: Check the air hoses and fittings for any leaks. Leaks can cause the compressor to work harder, leading to premature failure.

c. Keep the compressor clean: Dirt and debris can build up on the compressor, reducing its efficiency. Regularly clean the compressor with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

d. Check the pressure switch: The pressure switch turns the compressor on and off. If it's faulty, the compressor may not work correctly. Check it regularly and replace it if necessary.


Air suspension compressors are an essential component of the air suspension system in vehicles. They provide the necessary air pressure to support the vehicle's weight and provide a comfortable ride. Regular maintenance of the compressor is crucial to ensure it functions correctly and lasts for a long time.

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